Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Stephen Sheehi on Islamophobia

All the way from Beirut, Lebanon, Professor Stephen Sheehi joined us live by phone for our June 24, 2010, show.

Stephen Sheehi is an associate professor and Director of the Arabic Program at the University of South Carolina.

Professor Sheehi shared his expertise on Islamophobia in the United States and how professors at various universities are being persecuted for attempting to be objective in their analyses of the Arab world. He explained that Islamophobia is not simple racism but rather part of a US domestic strategy to support the present incarnation of the US military-industrial-economic global dominance project.

We also talked about his recent essay "Teaching in a State of Fear" and his newest book to be released soon.

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  1. All of his brilliance, AND he is hot too? Seriously? Thanks for inviting him on and would love to see him back once "Islamophobia" is out.


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