Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jaunuary 17, 2013 show: Denis Rancourt on corporate censorship at CHUO "community radio"

Denis Rancourt makes an analysis of corporate censorship at his own "community radio" station CHUO 89.1 FM... After eight years, Rancourt is temporarily retiring from radio broadcasting.


  1. This is a shame Denis. You provided an invaluable community service bringing alternate and seldom heard voices into the studio, voices that challenged the status-quo and brought insight and understanding to issues that big media rarely brings to light if at all. Does this mean they fired you? If so, to whom do we send letters of complaints?

    Peter Biesterfeld

  2. Judging by these hilarious broadcast standards, it's a shame you were stuck on this station after all. I think you should and could get a show on a better platform, you're too good for these clowns.


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