Friday, July 30, 2010

Gerard O'Donovan, CEO, Noble Manhattan Coaching - Life coach trainer

On July 29, 2010, The Train interviewed Gerard O'Donovan to get an inside view of the world of life and corporate coaching. Noble Manhattan Coaching is a leading training company of coaches in Europe and Gerard shared some of the how-to and why-for of his profession.

The live interview was by phone to the UK. We looked at the method of life coaching and explored the types of life challenges that clients bring to the coaching bench. We examined the conflicts of values that can occur between the executive and the corporation and the psychology and practice of resolving such conflict and of creating a sense of meaning.

A main organizational theme was the contrast between the classic command and control hierarchy and a team-based model where individuals are valued and given a high degree of responsibility. Resource extraction corporations with questionable local practices tend to prefer strict command and control of employees and of information.

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