Thursday, December 9, 2010

Chemtrails, geoengineering and climate change from Cancun and everywhere

On December 9, 2010, The Train welcomed Ottawa organizer and social justice activist Sylvain Henry, US independent filmmaker and chemtrails activist Michael Murphy, and climate sanity champion Lord Christopher Monckton.

Rancourt challenged Murphy on the toxicity of nanoparticulate Al2O3 and on measurable environmental and human health impacts of chemtrails but all agreed to fight the undemocratic tyrants that run our lives and that global-scale geoengineering should be stopped.

Then Lord Monckton owned the last half like only he can. Twas a riot.

Several listeners called the CHUO 89.1 FM radio station to complain and to ask that Rancourt's statements that aluminum oxide is not a highly toxic substance be retracted on air. Thank you for your interest in the show. The host of The Train has a responsibility to question claims of significant risk to public health when he has reason to believe the information to be in doubt. Please feel free to send all criticisms and feedback directly to Denis Rancourt at A selection of these statements will be read on air. In addition, more air time is planned for this topic.

Aluminium oxide is the family of inorganic compounds with the chemical formula Al2O3. It is an amphoteric oxide and is commonly referred to as alumina, corundum as well as many other names, reflecting its widespread occurrence in nature and industry. Its most significant use is in the production of aluminium metal, although it is also used as an abrasive due to its hardness and as a refractory material due to its high melting point.
Application--As a filler: Being fairly chemically inert, relatively non-toxic, and white, alumina is a favored filler for plastics. Alumina is a common ingredient in sunscreen.


  1. If this interviewer saw the film how did he miss the little girl who's hair sample showed levels of aluminum in her hair.

    Also, what about all the people that feel like $#&@ on days of high spraying? Why do you need a scientist to prove that? What about areas of high spraying that are seeing their plants die?

    By the time you get your "causal link research data" maybe it'll be too late. Maybe we'll be dead by then.

    Maybe in Canada you don't get sprayed practically every day like we do here in Los Angeles. You don't need a scientist to prove that this is bad and wrong and unhealthy. You don't need a scientist to PROVE that the sky is supposed to be blue not milky gray- even a first grader knows this.

    That you think that democracy will save us is a little naive. The government is owned by corporations who's only interest is power and financial gain.

  2. Too bad a site that purports to deal with real facts could be so mislead about Chemtrails and particularly the deleterious effects of Aluminum oxide. This as well as barium, strontium, fiber- glass, and even blood products have been found in analysis of the residue from these trails. The US government has admitted to spraying for geo-engineering. Is there any surprise that a) Alzheimer rates are up and b) Monsanto is developing aluminum resistant seeds? Here on the West Coast of Canada there is an active group of people documenting chemtrails. Many people are pathetically unaware of the Eugenics agenda that is becoming more prominent on a daily basis. Unfortunately it is possible to be well educated but not too smart. Keep up the work but get a little better informed. RD-Victoria

  3. Nanomaterials and nanoparticles: Sources and toxicity
    Cristina Buzea1,a,
    Ivan I. Pacheco2,b,
    and Kevin Robbie1,c

    1 Department of Physics, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario K7L 3N6, Canada
    2 Gastrointestinal Diseases Research Unit and Department of Physiology, Queen’s University at Kingston General Hospital, 76 Stuart St., Kingston, Ontario K7L 2V7, Canada

    Author to whom correspondence should be addressed; electronic mail:

    Electronic mail:

    Electronic mail:

    (Received 13 Jun 2007; accepted 30 Oct 2007; published online 28 Dec 2007)

    "Neuronal uptake of inhaled nanoparticles may take place via the olfactory nerves or/and blood-brain barrier."

    "Aluminum. Exposure to aluminum occurs through consumption of food and water, as well as usage of many products containing aluminum, including antacids and antiperspirants. The use of antiperspirants combined with underarm shaving has been associated with an earlier age of breast cancer diagnosis. Aluminum excess can lead to anemia, bone disease, and dementia. Exposure to high levels of aluminum (and other metals, such as iron) is implicated in neurological disorders, such as dialysis encephalopathy, Parkinson dementia, and especially Alzheimer’s disease. Studies of brain plaques associated with Alzheimer’s disease show abnormally high aluminum, but have not shown if this is a cause or effect of the disease. However, it is hypothesized that a critical mass of metabolical errors is important in producing Alzheimer’s disease. If aluminum can reach the brain via the olfactory bulb by passing the blood-brain barrier, or via the circulatory system, then brain metabolical errors resulting from accumulations of this metal in parts of the brain could contribute to the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Rats that received subcutaneous injection of aluminum glutamate show pathological signs similar to those observed in human Alzheimer’s disease. They show a significant increase of aluminum content in the brain (hippocampus, occipitoparietal cortex, cerebellum, and striatum) and symptoms that include trembling, equilibrium instabilities, and convulsions, followed by death 1 h after the injection."

    I would think that is fair to state that stratospheric aerosols that are currently being tested on the public which contain aluminum nano particles and other goodies at the newly government lowered acceptable standard size from 10Um now down to 2Um (for reasons unknown) posses a definite health risk.

    Maybe if you are so confident about the level of safety, perhaps one of our not so convinced Californians can ship you a nice cold bottle of top of snow pack, Mt. Shasta water to refresh you.

  4. One thing is clear: the elected officials have been bought and paid for and possibly threatened, as they probably have on may other issues (like TARP). And if they have been sold out on such a global issue, they will sell out again. The Solution: fire the Federal Government. Start from scratch with State Sovereignty, and demand that our skies be protected by State military. And if State politicians play the same "I dunno, I've gotta run" game, then we are going to have to bring those planes down one way or another.

  5. all of the trees in oregon are dieing.birds are falling from the sky.WAKE UP

  6. Whoever is behind this is Extremely evil no matter if the chems are harmful or not. You CANNOT drop stuff on us WITHOUT our permission. WINNIPEG 1953, US govt given ok by Ottawa to drop chems on the entire city and study the effects... Time to make Canada a Country not a subsidiary... Dont u think?

  7. Dennis is a freakin idiot. (He must be related to Hannity on Fox) The scientists admitted in the film that they have no clue of it's long term toxic effect. There is no research.
    That's their cop out. They said it right in front of the politicians! The politicians dont believe the projects are in operation. All they have to do is look up and start questioning what the hell is going on? That's it! None of them have any balls!

  8. Dennis might be a genius, or an idiot. Either way, his personality has no effect on scientific facts. Peer reviewed, experimentally repeatable, scientific facts.
    Aluminium, and its salts account for more than 8% of the Earth's crust. If these were significantly toxic, life - and hence the human race - could not have evolved, and you would not would not be here to misunderstand the toxicity of your environments.

    There are many toxic pollutants in our air and water, but we should recognise their source as ground based industry and waste treatments, and get our collective head out of the clouds.


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