Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Canada Day (ahem) -- with special guest Alex Jones

In the midst of a festive Ottawa, co-host Mireille Gervais and renowned American radio host Alex Jones (second half hour) shared the July 1, 2010, 5O-Train show to rant about all the things that are oh so wrong about our world, and Canada specifically!

Just back from Toronto where she witnessed massive para-military police presence during the G20 summit, Mireille did not hold back in giving her opinion on the horrible state of our rights in Canada and the truly terrorizing ability for the police to repress protesters, free speech and heck, singing.

Famous libertarian American radio-host Alex Jones (now broadcast out of over 70 stations in the US) joined us by phone for the second half of the show. Despite having just completed a four-hour show of his own, Alex was full of energy and had a lot to say about the new world order, the queen, repression of protesters and much more! His warnings to Canadians resonated strongly on the crest of G20-Toronto. Alex recommended and, as do we.

Happy Canada Day to all those who are still proud to be Canadian and to all those who are willing to act to get Canada back...

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