Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blast from the Past::: Sex on the Train

Given the recent major court victory for sex trade workers in Canada (LINK), we thought we would feature these past Five O'Clock Train shows about the sex trade - interviews with past and present sex trade workers and sex trade justice activists.

On December 27, 2007, the Train interviewed Suzan Davis - sex trade worker, sex trade worker justice activist, organizer - who was attempting to get a co-operative going to help sex trade workers in the Vancouver area, in preparation for the Vancouver Olympics.

The following week, on January 3, 2008, a way-overly talkative (!) host Denis Rancourt interviewed Samantha Smyth, ex-exotic dancer (and former Carleton University student) and Liaison Officer for the Canadian National Coalition of Experiential Women.

Ms. Smyth made the music selection, including songs that she performed on. In scheduling the show we decided on three music breaks, to which Ms. Smyth replied "Oh nice, that's just like a set."

The Train again offers this double blast in the hope of helping to push back moralistic barriers.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Wind justice in Ontario, Canada: Green energy impositions

Expropriation without compensation under the green banner...

On September 23, 2010, The Train interviewed Jane Wilson, Chair of the North Gower Wind Action Group (NGWAG), Christiane Bollinger, member of the Board of the NGWAG, and Dr. John Harrison, physicist and wind power expert.

We discussed the corporate cronyism and lack of democracy in industrial wind power projects being imposed on residents in Canada and the process to date regarding an industrial wind power project slated for the community of North Gower (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada).

We learned that industrial wind comprises many significant health and safety issues that are not being properly addressed by governments, environmental regulations, or the industry. The human and animal health and safety problems are nothing short of unacceptable...

Video about the shadow flicker hazard and its impacts
Wind Concerns Ontario
North Gower Wind Action Group
Independent Electricity System Operator in Ontario
(has a cool little wind turbine graphic to show how much power wind is producing at the moment---not much!)

  • Hydro: the decline and fall of Ontario's electric empire, by Jamie Swift and Ketih Stewart
  • The War in the Country, by Thomas F. Pawlick
  • Wind Turbine Syndrome, By Nina Pierpont, MD

Friday, September 17, 2010

Surviving student food 101

On September 16, 2010, The Train interviewed food expert Jean-Pierre Maheu on the question of surviving the student lifestyle regarding food.

This was a wide ranging discussion about the practice, sociology, economics and politics of food; geared toward expanding possibilities for students subjected to harsh institutional pressures.

Our expert says if he could only have one food ingredient it would be an onion! Find out why.

Mr. Maheu recommends that students avoid all prepared foods and cook for themselves but not alone. He gave the simplest recipes possible and explained how these simple creations will work every time if you just stick to some basic rules like don't burn it.

Avoid energy drinks! It's not food energy. It's pure chemical stimulus. The associated addiction will make you strung out.

Mr. Maheu and his co-director Catherine offer their collaboration to any student group wanting to do practical activism and communal projects around cooking. They can be reached at jpm [at] services-alc.com.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Police State Canada - as per G20-Toronto pigs mess

On September 9, 2010, The Train went solo with host Denis Rancourt.

The planned guest was G20-arrestee and First Peoples rights activist and author/reporter Alex Hundert, to be interviewed from house arrest by phone. Hundert had been warned by Provincial Police that he could be arrested if he spoke to the media (HERE).

See mainstream media articles: HERE, HERE.

The day of our scheduled CHUO radio interview, there was an "emergency" and Mr. Hundert had to appear in court. He could not be reached for the interview at the scheduled time and he was not able to communicate with CHUO to give an update of his situation.

Therefore, Train host Denis Rancourt reported what he could and provided an analysis of Police State Canada in relation to both University of Ottawa campus police and G20-Toronto, the insanity of it all...

The show is peppered with the political history music of iconic Wobbly Utah Phillips from his CD album Fellow Workers. The show ends with Utah's line "... I'm a pacifist but I admire her spunk..." from his song "shoot or stab them".

Activist Teacher blog articles cited during show:
G20-Toronto and Lost Sovereignty (societal analysis)
They're Not Just Pigs (para-military police operation at G20-Toronto)

Some truth about chemtrails

On September 2, 2010, The Train interviewed Ottawa-based chemtrails information activist Sylvain Henry. Mr. Henry has a science degree, is part of the "Skies of Blue" network, and authored the Facebook group "Mass Action Demand: Chemtrails".

The Facebook group asks that members ask their national leaders for answers about chemtrails. After dozens of email over several months, the Canadian Prime Minister's Office has not even acknowledged Mr. Henry's inquiries.

The discussion was informed by Train host Dr. Denis Rancourt who is a physicist, an environmental scientist, and a recognized expert in environmental nanoparticles.