Sunday, December 20, 2009

Full Time Graduate Student Barred from Campus for Political Reasons!

On December 17 Joseph Hickey joined us in studio. His coming to campus to attend the radio station was in itself an action of defiance of the Trespass to Property Act notice that currently bars him from all University of Ottawa property.

Hickey is a full time graduate student with research obligations and a teaching assistant contract with the University. He was served with a trespass notice following his involvement in an action that took place at the 'student walls' (listen to the Dec. 10th show for more background).

The use of trespass laws as a way of 'getting rid' of activist students dates back to the 60's when students were barred from campus for political expression, giving rise to the Berkeley Free Speech Movement.

From Campus to Honduras

On December 10th we began the show by discussing the history of the 'student walls' also known as the 'propaganda walls' located outside Morrisset Library on the University of Ottawa campus. Students have been using the walls to express themselves and display political art. In turn, the university has taken down the student's art and put up marketing messages. It's the story of the battle that is ongoing...

[Producer's Note: Sorry sorry erratum erratum - It's NOT Bolivia, it's Honduras. We meant Honduras from start to finish!]

The second half of the show was dedicated to The Real News journalist Jesse Freeston reporting live from Honduras where he is a first hand witness to the incredible rebellion and repression surrounding the June 2009 coup d'état.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Upper Year Psychology Students on School, Deadlines, Medication and How to Survive University

From negotiating with professors to getting addicted to ADHD medicine, University of Ottawa upper-year psychology students Hawra Sadic and Andrew Faulkner shared their stories during this down to earth and candid interview.

Many thanks to Andew and Hawra for joining us live in studio!