Sunday, August 9, 2009

Producer's favorites 5OCTrain interview collection : Andrew Nellis - Anarcho-Mystic

One hour of one on one with Ottawa's anti-poverty activist and organizer Andrew Nellis.

This is one remarkable interview where Andrew Nellis describes many facets of his antivism, politics, and personal philosophy: From his role in Ottawa IWW's Panhandlers' Union, to the Cop Watch program that he organizes, to his anarcho-mysticism, to the power of symbols in social activism, to his participation at anti-capitalist and anti-war demonstrations...

The scene about his hockey stick and rubber bullet interaction with an anti-demonstration police officer is one of the most memorable moments in CHUO radio history.

Andrew Nellis: It's not about personalities and it's all about fighting your own battles. It's a class war.

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  1. When Andrew Nellis talks about "revolutionary spirit" when fighting the riot cops at the Bush demo, I think he's really talking about the thrill of violence. He's being tremendously childish and insulting when he says "ordinary" people only get that Rush though Rambo. Lots of people get it through making art, for example. A world run by Andrew Nellis would sure be exciting, but in the way war is exciting. No fucking thank you.


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