Sunday, August 30, 2009

Finding the CHUO 89.1 FM studio – To be interviewed on the 5 O’Clock Train or just to visit

The studios (and administrative offices) of the CHUO 89.1 FM radio station are in the sub-basement of the Morisset (Library) building (MRT) on the city-centre campus of the University of Ottawa, 65 University Street, room MRT 0037.

Tel. 613-562-5967 (studio), 613-562-5800x2719 (station manager), 613-562-5800x2724 (program manager).

See campus map HERE

The most convenient meter parking is either in Lot K or on Louis Pasteur Street in front of the Fauteux building (see map that outlines all parking).

By OC-Transpo bus:
From the Transitway get off at Campus station and you are on the University of Ottawa campus and a three-minute walk from the Morisset building.

Look for the outside campus maps and ask a student for directions...

>>>>> Enter the Morisset building via the main (East) doors that gives onto the Morisset patio (near the Southern end of Cumberland Avenue). Take an immediate right into the stairwell. Go down one floor (two flights). Come out of the stairwell and cross the hallway in front of you, diagonally and towards your right. (At this point, start looking for CHUO signs/posters with arrows.) As you cross the hallway, you are looking for a windowed door to a smaller stairwell that leads to the sub-basement. The latter smaller stairwell has a spiraling set of cement steps all the way to the sub-basement.

Once in the sub-basement, you are not far, walk around, look for more CHUO signs, and go to room MRT 0037 or the adjacent studio waiting room.

Thanks for making the effort to come to the CHUO studio!

The 5 O’Clock Train is live in studio every Thursday from 5pm to 6pm, with co-hosts Mireille Gervais and Denis Rancourt.

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