Monday, August 17, 2009

Faculty for Palestine

The August 13, 2009 interview with Marie-Jo Nadeau, organiser with Faculty for Palestine:

Faculty for Palestine is a pan-Canadian network of faculty committed to extending free speech in post-secondary institutions in Canada regarding the conditions faced by Palestinians, the apartheid-nature of the Israeli state, and the intellectual and educational implications of these conditions and practices.


  1. Do we also have the same freedom to show the Islamic terror regimes such as Iran for what it really is in Canadian curriculum? I doubt it - the leftist and Islamic union (a marriage of right-wing Islamists and leftist willing victims and supporters) refuses to allow the truth to be revealed about Sharia law and terrorism which is the basis for Islamic extremism.

  2. In reply to Dean (previous comment):

    We would welcome your contribution to The Train to talk about this and present your views. Simply contact us at chuotrain[at]gmail[dot]com.

    We would also welcome your suggestions about speakers who could be interviewed to address this topic and would welcome you as a guest interviewer if you like. Again, simply contact us.

    We note that your blogger profile is not made public and we must therefore await your response.


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