Sunday, August 28, 2011

Conversation with Peter Laux on global warming

On August 25, 2011, CHUO 89.1 FM (Ottawa, Canada) The Train's Denis Rancourt interviewed Peter Laux in Melbourne, Australia, by phone.

Peter Laux is a train driver (engineer) who has contributed to The Train previously, here. He is the author of the "$10k climate challenge", here: He has signed a legal undertaking that he will pay $10 thousand Australian dollars to anyone who can provide
"a conclusive argument based on empirical facts that increasing atmospheric CO2 from fossil fuel burning drives global climate warming."
The radio discussion started with physicist Rancourt explaining basic climate physics to discern the crap from a clear picture of the relevant planetary radiation balance and moved into a societal and class analysis of global warming preoccupations.

The climate physics paper cited is THIS ONE.
The Guardian article about Martians is HERE.

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