Thursday, August 26, 2010

Australian train driver on global warming

On August 19, 2010, The Train interviewed train driver (in North America read "train engineer") Peter Laux by phone from Melbourne, Australia. It was 7am the next day for Peter and there were still no measurable effects of anthropogenic CO2-driven global warming.

The dynamic and wide ranging conversation covered Australian working class skepticism of global warming, green psychology, Richard Nixon's "war on cancer", environmental protection as government ploy, Australian regional climate changes, trade unionism, energy technology, energy politics, DDT criminalization as racism, and much more...

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General background perspective: Some big lies of science.

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  1. Well done Peter Laux and thanks to The Five O'Clock Train for hosting this interview.
    Carbon dioxide is indeed innocent of all it stands accused of. There is absolutely not one single item of observed evidence that even the most committed climate alarmists can put on the table that proves that carbon dioxide affects the climate. I love my carbon dioxide and so should you - it's the gas of life!


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