Friday, September 17, 2010

Surviving student food 101

On September 16, 2010, The Train interviewed food expert Jean-Pierre Maheu on the question of surviving the student lifestyle regarding food.

This was a wide ranging discussion about the practice, sociology, economics and politics of food; geared toward expanding possibilities for students subjected to harsh institutional pressures.

Our expert says if he could only have one food ingredient it would be an onion! Find out why.

Mr. Maheu recommends that students avoid all prepared foods and cook for themselves but not alone. He gave the simplest recipes possible and explained how these simple creations will work every time if you just stick to some basic rules like don't burn it.

Avoid energy drinks! It's not food energy. It's pure chemical stimulus. The associated addiction will make you strung out.

Mr. Maheu and his co-director Catherine offer their collaboration to any student group wanting to do practical activism and communal projects around cooking. They can be reached at jpm [at]

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