Thursday, September 9, 2010

Police State Canada - as per G20-Toronto pigs mess

On September 9, 2010, The Train went solo with host Denis Rancourt.

The planned guest was G20-arrestee and First Peoples rights activist and author/reporter Alex Hundert, to be interviewed from house arrest by phone. Hundert had been warned by Provincial Police that he could be arrested if he spoke to the media (HERE).

See mainstream media articles: HERE, HERE.

The day of our scheduled CHUO radio interview, there was an "emergency" and Mr. Hundert had to appear in court. He could not be reached for the interview at the scheduled time and he was not able to communicate with CHUO to give an update of his situation.

Therefore, Train host Denis Rancourt reported what he could and provided an analysis of Police State Canada in relation to both University of Ottawa campus police and G20-Toronto, the insanity of it all...

The show is peppered with the political history music of iconic Wobbly Utah Phillips from his CD album Fellow Workers. The show ends with Utah's line "... I'm a pacifist but I admire her spunk..." from his song "shoot or stab them".

Activist Teacher blog articles cited during show:
G20-Toronto and Lost Sovereignty (societal analysis)
They're Not Just Pigs (para-military police operation at G20-Toronto)

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