Tuesday, January 1, 2013

December 20, 2012 show: Marc Morano on the year at Climate Depot

On December 20, 2012, CHUO 89.1 FM The Train's Denis Rancourt interviewed Marc Morano about 2012 with Climate Depot. Mediamatters.org recently named Marc "Climate Change Misinformer Of The Year". Therefore it was even more important to have Mr. Morano grace the Ottawa FM waves.

Note: Mediamatters.org has dropped a great big notch in my book with their piece on Morano. The CNN debate between Marc Morano and Bill Nye exposed Nye as a pathetic mouthpiece for the dominant establishment warmist side who refuses to consider or even hear the arguments of the skeptic side, in my opinion. Likewise, the mediamatters.org piece provides no argued criticism of any of Morano's many contributions to the scientific debate. Has mediamatters not noticed who controls the mainstream narrative on climate politics...? It could start here: Corporate Climate Coup.

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