Sunday, April 11, 2010

Doug Christie on Free Speech and Duff Conacher on Democracy

Part-I: On April 8th 2010 BC-based lawyer Doug Christie who had just given a speech in the University of Ottawa Tabaret Hall Rotunda during the afternoon joined us by phone as he was waiting for his flight back home. Christie, who had been afraid that his freedom of speech would be limited or even blocked by protesters of the University administration in light of Ann Coulter's recently canceled speech at the U of O expressed surprise and gratitude for the fact that he was able to speak on our campus. He also commented on student activist Marc Kelly's case saying that it was clear to him that an in depth inquiry where all sides could be heard was in order.

Part-II: During the second part of our April 8th show Duff Conacher from Democracy Watch joined us by phone speaking, amongst other things, of federal lobbying ethics. Both Mary Dawson (Ethics Commissioner of Canada) and Karen Shepherd (Commissioner of Lobbying of Canada) were heavily criticized for being lap dogs. The Democracy Watch lawsuit against the Canadian government regarding Prime Minister Harper's disregard for Canada's fixed election law was also reviewed: LINK HERE.

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