Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blast from the Past: 5OCTrain 2008 interviews with Webster G. Tarpley - Correct predictions on Obama geopolitics

The Train featured two fall 2008 interviews with public intellectual, historian, and best selling author Webster G. Tarpley. The broad topics were a constitutional challenge to the Barack Obama candidacy, citizens' rights in a modern democracy, and US geopolitics of war.

[Please excuse some technical and voice quality problems in Part-I.]

Part-I was on October 30, 2008:

Part-II was on November 6, 2008:

In Part-II, before Obama was elected US president and before there were any precursors in the media, Tarpley explained with confidence that under Obama there would be de-escalation in Iraq and a very significant buildup in Afghanistan. Tarpley explained this in terms of the Democratic-Republican differences in geopolitical madness and in terms of the dominance of Wall Street on US politics.

The analysis in Part-II is framed in a study of fascism and its defining characteristics. Tarpley breaks the false notion that fascism always arises from and is driven by the right.

There is no substitute for listening to the terse interview in Part-II for understanding the US war machine - OMG this stuff never comes out in the mainstream. It's much worst then radical profs say...

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