Saturday, September 26, 2009

Respect|Spaces : A Campaign for Students to Regain Control of the University Centre

SFUO VP University Affairs Ted Horton and SFUO Board of Administrators member Sarah Jayne King spoke about student space, administrative takeover of the University Centre and the Respect|Spaces Campaign on the September 24th Train.

Ted Horton explained how the University of Ottawa unilaterally derailed the funds that students had democratically decided, via referendum, to dedicate to the creation and maintenance of a student social centre. Whereas 60% of the University Centre used to house student services, in recent years that number has gone down to 18% whereas several student organizations have been forced out into sub-standard and unsafe spaces.

The Respect|Spaces Campaign was recently launched to reclaim student space and demand the eviction of non student businesses and administrative services from the University Centre.

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