Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jaunuary 17, 2013 show: Denis Rancourt on corporate censorship at CHUO "community radio"

Denis Rancourt makes an analysis of corporate censorship at his own "community radio" station CHUO 89.1 FM... After eight years, Rancourt is temporarily retiring from radio broadcasting.

Friday, January 11, 2013

January 10, 2013 show: Andrew Kreig on justice integrity and puppet politicians

On January 10, 2013, CHUO 89.1 FM (Ottawa) The Train's guest host Joseph Hickey interviewed Andrew Kreig, Director, Justice Integrity Project, Washington, DC. Fascinating stories about corrupt courts and puppet politicians at the highest levels. And a preview of Andrew's new book "Presidential Puppetry".

Saturday, January 5, 2013

January 3, 2013 show: Barbara Todish on researching the emergence of self-validity

On January 3, 2013, CHUO 89.1 FM (Ottawa) The Train's Denis Rancourt interviewed the unique and intense Barbara Todish about her books, her childhood, her "non-performances" in nightclub comedy clubs, her professional academic career, and a desperate period in her life when she sold her body for sex. We also discussed Pierre Joseph Proudhon's proposition that "Property is robbery", as Barbara extends this to the realm of identity and status. And Barbara explained the extent to which we are so very disconnected from ourselves and from each other as a result...

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

December 27, 2012 show: Tom Quirk on science claims about global climate

On December 27, 2012, CHUO 89.1 FM The Train's Denis Rancourt interviewed Dr. Tom Quirk about his various studies regarding scientific claims of human impacts on global climate. We discussed cow farts, leaking gas pipes, wind farms, and untested science claims. Dr. Quirk is on the Scientific Advisory Panel of the Australian Climate Science Coalition, and is a Board Director of the Institute of Public Affairs Australia.

December 20, 2012 show: Marc Morano on the year at Climate Depot

On December 20, 2012, CHUO 89.1 FM The Train's Denis Rancourt interviewed Marc Morano about 2012 with Climate Depot. recently named Marc "Climate Change Misinformer Of The Year". Therefore it was even more important to have Mr. Morano grace the Ottawa FM waves.

Note: has dropped a great big notch in my book with their piece on Morano. The CNN debate between Marc Morano and Bill Nye exposed Nye as a pathetic mouthpiece for the dominant establishment warmist side who refuses to consider or even hear the arguments of the skeptic side, in my opinion. Likewise, the piece provides no argued criticism of any of Morano's many contributions to the scientific debate. Has mediamatters not noticed who controls the mainstream narrative on climate politics...? It could start here: Corporate Climate Coup.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

December 6, 2012 show: Rev. Kevin Annett on Canada's genocide and residential schools

On December 6, 2012, CHUO 89.1 FM (Ottawa) The Train's Denis Rancourt interviewed Rev. Kevin Annett about his work of more than 20 years exposing the Canadian genocide of aboriginal peoples.


Friday, November 23, 2012

November 22, 2012 show: Dr. Bob Carter on the science of climate change, and professional ethics

On November 22, 2012, CHUO 89.1 FM (Ottawa) The Train's Denis Rancourt interviewed Dr. Bob Carter about climate science and professional ethics. This is one of the most lucid discussions by two scientists you will ever hear about the scientific basis of climate change.

November 8, 2012 show: Joshua Blakeney and Denis Rancourt on the crime of war

On November 8, 2012, CHUO 89.1 FM (Ottawa, Canada) hosted a discussion between co-hosts Joshua Blakeney and Denis Rancourt, about the crime of war, the civil rights of activists, environmental policy, and more...

November 1, 2012 show: Mike McBane of the Canadian Health Coalition on health politics

Canadian Health Coalition
On November 1, 2012, CHUO 89.1 FM (Ottawa) The Train's Denis Rancourt interviewed Mike McBane from the Canadian Health Coalition, about the politics of medicare. An in-depth discussion about all aspects of health care, private and public, with some riveting critique...

October 25, 2012 show: Co-hosts Joshua Blakeney and Denis Rancourt discuss things again, including a recent IPC Order

On October 25, 2012, CHUO 89.1 FM (Ottawa, Canada) The Train's co-hosts Joshua Blakeney and Denis Rancourt discussed current events and an Information and Privacy Commissioner's (IPC) Order against the University of Ottawa. And provide discussion about economic justice, and the asthma link between Joshua and Che Guevara. Also the Quebec student strike and much more...

Friday, October 19, 2012

October 18, 2012 show: Greg Felton on Canadian Zionism and the loss of democracy

On October 18, 2012, CHUO 89.1 FM (Ottawa) The Train's Denis Rancourt interviewed author and political activist Greg Felton. Greg is the author of "The Host and the Parasite". The interview covered highly controversial material about Zionism and Zionist influence in Canada and the US.

Friday, October 12, 2012

October 11, 2012 show: US Presidential Candidate Merlin Miller third party challenge

On October 11, 2012, CHUO 89.1 FM (Ottawa) The Train's Denis Rancourt interviewed US presidential candidate, American Third Position Party (A3P), Mr. Merlin Miller. Mr. Miller is the only US presidential candidate who has recently had a personal meeting with the President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Miller, a former military commander, is staunchly anti-militarist for America's foreign policy and seeks a coalition of all Americans who oppose corporate and finance control of the state in favor of individual freedom and protection against globalization forces. Together, we explored criticisms leveled against the A3P, Zionism in America, mass media, and ways that the Right and the Left can cooperate against corporate and finance predation of the middle and working classes.

Friday, October 5, 2012

October 4, 2012 show: CEO Stephen Carruthers on internet industry monopolies

On October 4, 2012, CHUO 89.1 FM (Ottawa) The Train's Denis Rancourt interviewed CEO and Founder of Stephen Carruthers. One topic was the Rogers-Bell monopoly on inter-city internet connectivity. Learn about the corporate and regulatory background of your internet connection, the politics of competition.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

September 13, 2012 show: John McMurtry on his ideas and academic career, also professional football history

On September 13, 2012, CHUO 89.1 FM The Train's (Ottawa) Denis Rancourt interviewed renowned Canadian academic Professor John McMurtry about his ideas, his life before academia, and some of his notable published works.

September 6, 2012 show: Denis Rancourt on Anatole French on judge Charles Hackland on Guergis v. Harper

On September 6, 2012, CHUO 89.1 FM (Ottawa) The Train's Denis Rancourt discussed the analysis of laws professor Anatole French regarding the "Guergis v. Harper" ruling of Justice Charles Hackland. Hackland dismissed a lawsuit from former Member of Parliament Guergis suing Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper for malfeasance in public office.

Background article:
An analysis of the Hackland ruling in Guergis v. Novak et al. by Professor Anatole French
More background:
Anatole France on Wikipedia